Film Story

Adel is an insurance salesperson raising his baby orphan girl Noha. New neighbors live right in the apartment facing his. Safaa the school teacher and her mother and Adel supports them till they fully settle in. Adel get this terrible headache that he's forced to see a doctor then after he goes and proposes to Safaa and her mother approves. Adel finds out that he has a brain tumor in the same time that he learns about the death of the wealthy man Ahmed Helal who had withdrawn his life insurance for his wife's benefit earlier that day. Adel meets the wife Sherifa and explains to her that he's dying and needs to secure some money for his daughter in returns of him confessing a crime that he didn't do. They both agree and confesses and gets the death sentence while in the last minute his doctor interferes and request postponing the sentence execution till after the operation. Adel does the operation and gets cured from the tumor and he escapes the hospital trying to prove his innocence and he clashes with Sherif till she confesses that she is behind the death of her husband. Finally Adel returns to Safaa his fiancée and Noha his daughter..