Story Series

The series is about a young engineer Mahmoud Abdel Nacer graduated from Cairo University and was not permitted into the academic career path as a professor assistant as he should normally due to direct instructions from the national security services because of his father's connections with the workers movement activities against the régime and his younger brother who's an activist and a member of April 6 movement, which led to Mahmoud himself being monitored and interrogated several times for possible effect from the father or the brother. Mahmoud then is left out with touring the governments seeking a job, once in Salloum, Port Said till he makes his way to Alexandria and works as a mechanic. A bomb explosion takes place in a church near his work place, and he gets arrested as a suspect but later on they prove he and his colleagues are responsible even though they are not and he gets sent to jail until the revolution takes place and when the persons opened in the events, he finds no other solution but to escape with the rest and things start escalating especially after the death of his younger brother in the camel incident and the story goes on.