KARIM ABD EL AZIZ was born 17.08.1975 at Al Agouza. KARIM ABD EL AZIZ was raised by a director with great heritage in the Egyptian cinema, as he is the son of the great director Mohamed Abd El Aziz. This is artistic bringing up influenced him choosing his acting career as he was already familiar with the nature of the business. KARIM ABD EL AZIZ joined the high institute of cinema in 1994, to start a whole different life since. He graduated from the directing department in 1997 and worked as assistant director for a short period where he was tempted by the sensation of being in front of the camera instead of behind it. This is when he decided to switch to acting instead of directing, until he got his chance in acting with the director Sherif Arafa who introduced him for the first time. Then When Samira Ahmed choose KARIM ABD EL AZIZ for his role in the TV drama " Emraa mn zaman el hob" it was his real kick off as a true artist with a real talent and great sense of humor that he was receiving several offers until he got his leading role in front of Mona Zaki and Hala Sheha in "Leeh khalletny ahebbak"..