Film Story

The story goes about this university that only the elite people would send their kids into, the students in the university are known for drugs abuse. The police general Nagdat (Hassan Hosny) tries to sustain the situation but his attempts tend to fail until he comes up with this idea of sending a fresh graduate officer in as undercover. He picks officer Basyouny (KARIM ABD EL AZIZ) who agrees to the mission and he meets Engy (Ghada Adel), Tarek (Mohamed Ragab), Maya the weirdo (Maha Ahmed) the singer wanna be (Ramez Galal) and a lot of adventures take place and Basyouny falls for Engy not long before his cover gets blown and he gets dismissed from the mission which he had failed in completing. Engy and Hamza find out that Basyouny was trying to catch the drug dealer on campus and they decide to help him till he catches the dealer and achieves his mission, gets promoted and Engy and the rest of the gang graduate from the university. Produced 2004. ..